Where can I find support for the Hiro Wallet?

You can contact our support team at wallet@hiro.so and find us in the Hiro Wallet Discord server.

Note that if you post your support inquiry elsewhere on Discord, we may very well not see it. Please be sure to write us at the email address or Discord server above.

We will never initiate support by contacting you via direct message on any platform. If someone messages you directly offering help or claiming to work for Hiro Wallet, they are almost certainly a scammer.

It is imperative that you never provide your Secret Key or any personally identifiable information to anyone when seeking wallet support. This includes never giving this information to genuine Hiro Wallet staff, either proactively or upon request, since it will never be needed to resolve your problem. Keep this information confidential at all times.

You may see the following Hiro Wallet team members within the community who can assist you:

  • Werner (@Drinknu on Twitter, Werner3141#8516 on Discord, @Werner3141 on Telegram, @314159265359879 on GitHub, werner.btc on Stacks)
  • Mark Hendrickson (@markymark on Twitter, Mark Hendrickson#3708 on Discord, @markmhendrickson on Telegram, @markmhx on GitHub, mark.btc on Stacks)