How do I use Hiro Wallet to participate in the TwelveFold auction from Yuga Labs?

Yuga Labs is launching a historical collection of 300 generative pieces that will be inscribed onto the Bitcoin blockchain forever via Ordinals on Sunday, March 5, 2023 @ 3pm PT / 6pm ET / midnight CET.

Hiro Wallet makes it easy to participate in the 24-hour auction of these TwelveFold inscriptions. Use the wallet to bid for inscriptions and receive them for safekeeping on special Taproot addresses.

They are designed to keep Ordinal inscriptions secure and viewable, and will help you send or trade them later as desired.

Participation takes just a few steps:

1. Install Hiro Wallet extension

Visit https://wallet.hiro.so/install-web and install Hiro Wallet as a browser extension from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons:

2. Save your Secret Key

Upon installation, select "Create new wallet" and save your new Secret Key (i.e. seed phrase) somewhere safely! 

You'll need it to secure both the bitcoin (BTC) for placing bids and your winning inscriptions:

3. Provide receiving address

When prompted by Yuga Labs to provide a "Receiving address" for winning bids...

Select the "Add new" option under "Collectibles" on the home screen of the wallet:

Then select "Ordinal inscription" in the "Add collectible" prompt:

Then select "Copy address" from the "Deposit Ordinal inscription" modal:

And paste the address in your clipboard into Yuga Lab's receiving address form:

3. Deposit BTC to place your bids

Select "Receive" in the top-right of the home screen to deposit bitcoin (BTC) into Hiro Wallet, which you'll later use to place bids during the auction:

Then select the QR code icon next to "Bitcoin" under "Tokens" at the top:

Then select "Copy address" and paste the address into an exchange or wallet from which you'd like to deposit bitcoin (BTC):

4. Place your bids when prompted by Yuga Labs

When you're ready to place a TwelveFold bid, copy the "Deposit address" shown using the button shown to its right:

Then select "Send" in the top-right of the home screen:

Paste the "Deposit address" into the "To" field, enter your bid amount in the top area of the form (e.g. "0.05 BTC"), then select "Preview" and confirm payment:

Then watch the Yuga Labs leaderboard to see your bid climb the charts:

Any winning bids will show up under "Collectibles" immediately upon receipt!

Important note: All bitcoin (BTC) paid to place bids that do not win inscriptions will be returned to the receiving address provided above in step 2 above. These BTC amounts will be held safely by Hiro Wallet. We'll provide a feature for withdrawing these funds soon this week.

TwelveFold inscriptions that you do win can be sent to other addresses, and soon, traded directly from Hiro Wallet on marketplaces like Gamma and Ordswap.

Good luck with the auction! If you have any questions about these instructions, please reach out to our support team. We're here to help!