How do I edit the fee and nonce values for transactions?

Note: You must have v2.16.0 or greater installed to access the functionality described in this FAQ. If you've installed the extension via the Chrome or Firefox stores but don't see this version yet, please wait until it updates automatically upon approval. Alternatively, you can install the latest version from source.


Users can edit the fee and nonce values for any transactions they sign and broadcast to the Stacks blockchain with the Hiro Wallet.

To edit these values, select "Settings" at the bottom of the transaction signing modal:

You'll then see the following dialog:


The dialog displays a "Fee" input that allows you to modify the default fee value for your transaction.

While the default value is often sufficient for transactions to confirm quickly on the network, sometimes the value needs to be increased for them to compete against other transactions, especially during periods of unusually high network congestion.

To modify the fee value, simply enter an alternative value into the field or select one of the multiplier options (2x, 5x or 10x) and select "Apply".

Fees can be modified this way for all newly broadcasted transactions as well as for any existing transactions that are pending confirmation on the network.

To increase the fees for an existing transaction that remains pending, simply hover over the transaction listed under the "Activity" tab on the home screen of the wallet and select "Increase fee":

This will display a modal that allows you to modify the fee in a similar fashion as for a new transaction. Simply modify the fee and select "Submit" to re-broadcast the transaction to the network with the new fee value:

Note that the calculations used for setting default fees automatically were modified in September 2021 in a way that increased them substantially as compared to their previous values. This change was intended to help ensure that transactions confirm reliably despite increased network usage trends. Users can always decide to adjust these default fees upwards or downwards based on their preferences.


The wallet submits an incremental integer value (called a "nonce") with every transaction you broadcast to the network from a given account. This integer serves as an identification number for your transaction so the network knows how to recognize and process it properly as opposed to others you may have broadcasted as well.

The wallet usually keeps track of which nonce value to include for your transactions, automatically incrementing by one each time since the network will only confirm a transaction that includes a nonce value that's one more than the last recognized for a given account.

However, under certain rare conditions, the wallet may be unable to increment the nonce accurately and your transaction will fail to confirm on the network. In these circumstances, you can select "Edit nonce" from the bottom area of the above "Advanced settings" modal during transaction signing, and a field will appear to edit the nonce manually:

To determine the correct nonce to use, visit the Stacks Explorer and search for your account's address. You will then see the nonce value listed near the top of the address page:

Enter the exact value you see here in the wallet's advanced settings field, replacing whatever value is shown there by default and selecting "Apply".

Important: Do not edit the nonce unless confident about the right value to use since any inaccurate value will cause your transaction to remain pending until it eventually fails.