How can I use my Trezor device with the Hiro Wallet?

The Hiro Wallet unfortunately no longer supports authentication and transaction signing with Trezor devices. This is due to how Trezor supports integrations, in which the company's availability and engagement is required to set them up in contrast to Ledger's open model.

If you've used a Trezor device with a previous version of the wallet, you have two options going forward:

  1. Purchase a Ledger device and load the 12-, 18- or 24-word recovery phrase you saved when originally setting up our Trezor device into your Ledger device. See "Restore from recovery phrase" from Ledger.
  2. Enter the 12- or 24-word recovery phrase you saved when originally setting up our Trezor device directly into the wallet upon selecting "Sign In" and viewing a prompt for your "Secret Key". This option does not work for 18-word recovery phrases.

Warning: We highly advise that you continue using the Hiro Wallet with a hardware device, even if you can no longer use your Trezor device, to ensure the same level of security to which you're accustomed. As such, option #1 above is recommended over option #2 despite the extra cost and time required.

If you have a Trezor device with a passphrase, you will need to migrate both your recovery phrase and passphrase to a new Ledger device for use with the Hiro Wallet going forward. There is no way to enter the combined recovery phrase and passphrase directly into the Hiro Wallet without a hardware device.

See "Advanced passphrase security" from Ledger for details.

We hope to support Trezor again some day soon, but there is currently no timing expectation available. We will update the community if and when this work gets underway.